Can I still eat ripened Kimchi? How?

As Kimchi ripens, it develops more sour taste which is induced by lactic acid bacteria (LABs). The more sour the higher LABs in the kimchi. A typical recipe using of such matured Kimchi is a dish called ‘Kimchi-jigae’, sort of stew dish.

Is Kimchi really effective for weight control?

Korean made Kimchi is rich in LABs and dietary fibers, which accelerate the movement of the intestines preventing the constipation and colon cancer. Since it is a low calorie fermented food that is rich in vitamins and minerals, Kimchi can be effective for weight control as well.

Why is the Korean made Kimchi the best of its kind?

The Kimchi made in Korea is not merely a pickled vegetable. Rather, it is a health food naturally fermented by LABs. Korea has the optimal environment for cultivating all the main ingredients of Kimchi such as Chinese cabbage, red pepper and garlic. Also, as the originating nation of Kimchi, Korea uses the long traditional aspects together with the latest technology to make Kimchi that has incomparable flavor and nutrition.

*As the fermentation continues:

> The kimchi packet will get expanded like a balloon. It is natural process of the KimChi maturation. you may make a small needle hole to release the trapped air, if it is necessary.
> you may find an optimum taste and increase healthy benefits as kimchi get matured. The more matured sourness and more Lactic acid bacterias (LABs).
> The matured kimchi sourness may smell like ‘foul’ as you open the pack (^-^), but the taste should be fresh, clean sharp & you may find surprisingly amusable taste, in combination with the texture of crispy, crunchy salted cabbage.
> Combination of all these sensory characteristics will give you mouth-watering appetite, otherwise, at least you will have unforgetful experience. 
* Enjoy the goodness of LABs, perfectly nature orientated Work of Artby MAT-SON® Korean Kimchi*